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Why stake with Sandstone?

Sandstone is one of the very first Cardano Stake Pools to have established itself on the Cardano blockchain. Our infrastructure is expertly designed and operated to ensure that we deliver the most reliable service possible. Our foremost priorities are to maintaining the security of the Cardano blockchain and maximising rewards to our delegators.

Success to us means being recognised as one of the most trusted players in the Cardano ecosystem. To establish that trust, Sandstone has committed investments of approximately 1 Million ₳ towards the cost of infrastructure, pool pledge, and other operating overheads.

By delegating to Sandstone, you will be helping to support us play a very important role in the Cardano ecosystem. In return, our promise is to be relentless in the pursuit of rewards for our delegators and the continued success for Cardano.


Sandstone servers are cloud hosted and monitored 24/7. Our system is designed to be fault-tolerant and highly-available. This makes us incredibly reliable and means greater rewards earning potential for our delegators.


As a long-standing member of the Cardano community, we've contributed significantly towards the development of Cardano, particularly during the early stages of the Incentivised Test Network (ITN). But don't take our word for it. Ask around. Our reputation speaks volumes.

Skin in the Game

We pride ourselves on running a highly rewarding pool dedicated to supporting the decentralisation of Cardano. We've maintained a very high pledge as proof of our long term investment in our pool and the community.


Sandstone is committed to keeping fees low. We currently operate on a 2% tax rate, which is in addition to the protocol-enforced fixed minimum of 340 ₳ per epoch.

Getting Started


Ensure that your ADA is securely stored using a reputable wallet. We recommend Yoroi wallet for a good user experience.


Search for the SAND ticker using the wallet pool delegation list. Alternatively, copy and paste our unique


Select the amount of ADA you wish to delegate with Sandstone and tap "Delegate".


You're done! Staking rewards are paid every two epoch, which is approximately every ten days.

About Us

The team behind Sandstone have over 14 years professional experience designing, implementing, and delivering complex IT systems. We've worked on some of the most sophisticated system architectures across a number of industries and have been involved with Cardano since 2017. We're confident we'll be able to provide maximum returns on your staked tokens.

Sandstone is an exceptionally operated Stake Pool. We're committed to supporting Cardano's decentralisation and are actively building out solutions that run on the Cardano blockchain. We're determined to be recognised globally as the most professionally run, reliable, and trustworthy pools on the Cardano blockchain.


Our mission is to provide the most reliable stake pool on the Cardano blockchain that consistently make blocks every epoch and delivers the best staking rewards possible for our delegators. Sandstone's architecture is incredibly sophisticated with no expense spared when it comes to ensuring the best security and reliability possible.

We're committed to being a force for good in the world, pledging support to the causes we believe in, while providing our knowledge to enhance the wider Cardano ecosystem. We stand for a professional, reliable service, delivered with integrity.

Watch Out!

Please be careful of scammers. Follow these simple rules at all times.


Never give out your wallet seed phrase, ever. You don't need to share it for staking.


Never send you coins to a stake pool – coins remain in your wallet when you stake.


Get your $ADA off the exchange and onto a wallet before you stake.


Only download wallets from official sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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